Update on health & safety practices

Dear Guests,

We are delighted you are staying with us and we would like to inform you that we work methodically to keep the Apartments safe for our Visitors and Stuff, as per applicable Health Protocols that are in-force.

WE ARE TRAINED on the applicable Health Protocols (Reception, Guest & Cleaning

Services, Linen Handling & Storage) and on managing potential Covid-19 decease case.

WE STERILIZED, DISIFENCTED & DECONTAMINATED with an ISO Certified 3rd Party the complete Apartments Residence before starting our seasonal operations.

WE WORK systematically to keep the Apartments premises sparkling-clean. Our Housekeeping Team is ventilating, cleaning (with chlorine and power-steam) and sanitizing (with applicable disinfectors) all inside premises continuously and each Guest Room before check-in and after check-out.

WE CLEAN and disinfect all indoor & outdoor furniture, as well as all frequently touched surfaces (keys & keycards, light switches, doorknobs, cabinet handles, remotes, etc.) multiple times a day. We apply rigorous cleaning with power-steam and sanitization of Guest Rooms and all Public Areas.

WE VENTILATE all Public Areas around the clock and all Guest Rooms for multiple hours after check-out and before next check-in i.e. please excuse for any check-in delays.

WE EXCHANGE Guest Room Linen upon necessity only, according to applicable Hygiene Protocols. All our linen's cleaning is outsourced to a dedicated certified vendor.

WE REMOVED all unnecessary room furniture, design details, pillows and linen from the Guest Rooms.

WE WASH & SANITIZE HANDS regularly and encourage our Guests to do the same. In each Guest Room & Public Area, sanitizer dispensers are available for our Guests and Stuff.

WE KEEP SAFE DISTANCE of minimum of 1,5 meters, both to our Guests and our Colleagues. We have no physical contact.

WE ACCEPT all major credit-cards for payment and we limit cash usage.Check out time will be at 11am and check in will be at 3pm in order to have additional time for the thorough cleaning of the rooms.

WE ALLOW ENTRY to our premises only to Apartments Guests.

WE CARE for our Guests and Stuff, by introducing additional measures to safeguard their wellbeing:

  • Maintain an electronic file for recording and updating the COVID-19 service book and events for reasons of protection of public health. Visitors personal information is kept confidential in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Provision of PPE (single-use medical masks & gloves).

  • Medical Kit & Infrared thermometer available at the Reception pharmacy Box.

  • Regular training of our Stuff, ensuring proper hand hygiene and awareness of Covid-19.

  • Helios Apartments is Contracted with a local Medical Doctor to provide Covid-19 consulting and directions, as necessary and according to Health Protocols.

  • We are in constant communication with the relevant Health, Tourism & Local Authorities to update continuously all appropriate protocols that need to be observed.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions on our Hygiene Protocol & Cleaning-Sanitary Program.

We strive to make your accommodation as pleasant & safe as possible.

Enjoy your Stay!